ALI AMATO, animal communicator and medical intuitive

Ali Amato Animal CommunicatorI work with pet owners who are concerned about their pet’s unsolved health and behavioral issues. I help their pets achieve happy, healthy lives.

I was aware since early childhood that I had a special gift for knowing what animals were thinking — and more importantly — feeling. I’m also a medical intuitive, with an ability to “get inside” your pet’s body. Over the past 20 years, my clients and I have experienced firsthand the incredible healing power of this work.

Animal communication works to resolve a wide variety of problems — in ways that other methods simply can’t. Whether your pet is a “rescue”, sick, unhappy or acting out, lost, nearing the end of its life, already passed — or you just want to know “What is my pet thinking?”, I can be a vital part of your support team. 

Animal communication ALSO saves you time, frustration, and money — and it most often gives my clients peace of mind. If you are unfamiliar with it, this FAQS page is a good place to start.)

Unsolved issues with your pet?  Take advantage of my FREE DISCOVERY SESSION to find out how I can help your animals live their best possible lives.

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