ALI AMATO, animal communicator and medical intuitive

About Me

ali-childhood2I’ve been passionate about animals for as long as I can remember, and at a very young age I always felt I knew what they were thinking — and that they could easily understand me too — but it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that I began to more seriously explore my intuitive abilities. Early on, there were a few pivotal events with animals that convinced me of my special talents: I kept getting good results, feedback that my insights were accurate, and experiencing synchronous events that continually pushed me in this direction. I soon realized the power of this work — that I could bring about solutions that helped pets experience profound healing, and give their humans peace of mind.

I committed myself to study and practice every day for the first eight years, working free of charge with various pets, animals up for adoption, sick animals in foster care, and others — both domestic and wild — that I met in my travels.

Working remotely, I now have clients throughout the US and beyond. I have found lost pets, assisted in animal births, done “psychic autopsies”, helped heal pets from various physical and emotional conditions, and supported them in “crossing over” to the spirit world.

Using my innate “detective’s mind,” I use a deep and varied, ever-evolving approach of information gathering, communication and healing that combines my innate gifts with various energy techniques and assistance from powerful helper “guides”.

I really don’t think I chose this path; I know that it chose me because understanding and helping animals is vital to our existence on earth. The success I have with animals doesn’t come from me, it flows through me. This is a spiritual calling that enables me to “bridge” Heaven and Earth, and make a positive contribution
to our planet. It’s hard to put into words how much joy it
continuesto bring me
to help people and their animals
live their best possible lives!