ALI AMATO, animal communicator and medical intuitive


Whether your pet is a “rescue”, sick, unhappy or acting out, lost, nearing the end of its life, already passed — or you just want to know “What are they thinking?”, I can help.

My work covers four main areas:


I’m medically intuitive and derive great satisfaction from contributing to a pet’s physical well-being or recovery. My experience has been that I get an accurate sense of what is happening physically, but of course I will always suggest that you work with your vet too. I am just another part of your overall team. In many cases, I may be able to provide information that helps you know how to better work with your vet; for instance, I often shed light on something that medical tests aren’t able get a handle on. I can also keep you apprised of healing progress between vet visits, and I use safe and gentle energetic healing techniques that help support recovery. I can also help find out if particular treatments, medications or foods are helping or not, or any adjustments to consider. All of these aspects of my work will save you time, frustration, and money.

While I am scanning an animal, it is like I am inside their body, and experiencing it as they do, and my experience has been that it is very  accurate.

My healing sessions with your pet utilizes ancient healing techniques that are gentle yet powerful . It’s a great way to support traditional medicine, and I’ve observed that it helps the animal recover more quickly — for instance, “flushing” the system of an infection, or the aftereffects of anesthesia. I also work with the animal’s emotional state related to the illness — as you can imagine, they often need explanation and/or reassurance about their illness or surgery.


Perhaps your animal exhibits a behavior that is puzzling, or has started acting out in ways that are detrimental to themselves or your household. Animals are emotional beings — they can get depressed, anxious or jealous. They definitely have memory, and they certainly feel grief as well. Anxiety is extremely common, yet often very treatable. So is PTSD. Sometimes all I need to do is explain something they didn’t understand and a particular behavior (like spraying) will stop. In other cases, I’ll shed light for you on how their previous history affects the present, and what we will do about it.  I have worked with many rescued animals who had trauma in their early lives, and I have found that it’s quite possible for them to heal their trust or separation issues.


Brenda reunited with her precious dog

Brenda, a client happy to be reunited with her little Zoewii; this photo was taken right after Zoewii was found and returned. It took us 3 sessions over a period of approximately 2 weeks– (plus some patience and faith on Brenda’s part)–but as you can see, it was well worth it!

This takes patience, since it is a stressful situation and pet owners often assume the worst. Despite the “odds”, I have had excellent success reuniting pets with their households, even after they’ve been gone for a while. The goal is for us to focus efficiently to get them home as soon as possible. The absolute worst thing you can do is try to “wait it out” or otherwise delay.

I’m able to ascertain why they went missing , and I’ll  give you geographic clues to help you refine and concentrate your search, which saves valuable time, energy and effort, and starts putting you both in closer proximity. I’ve also guided animals to get themselves home on their own, or to put themselves out into the open where people then saw them. They do have a remarkable ability to survive & I’ve located and reunited them even after they’ve been gone for what seems an interminable amount of time.


If your pet is so sick that you’re considering assisting them in their transition, it can reassure you to hear what they want from you, help you reach a decision sooner about next steps, and feel more at peace with how it is handled. Some sick animals do want help, and others just aren’t ready to pass or don’t want medical assistance in doing so. Some tell me that they want every possible healing measure taken; others have said that they have lived their life fully and are ready to go. This is obviously the hardest thing a pet lover ever has to deal with; I have been through it myself. The people I’ve worked with have been extremely appreciative that I’ve helped them through this difficult phase, and that they no longer had nagging guilt about their decisions. The peace of mind they achieved through working with me helped offset their grief. Most importantly, it keeps your animal from prolonged suffering.

I am often asked if I can communicate with animals who have already passed away. Yes, even if your pet is already gone, I can access them. This can be very comforting if you feel there is “unfinished business” between you, you feel overwhelming grief, or there are other animals in the household who are also changed by the experience (which is common.) Or you may feel you just want to clarify how the departed is “doing.” Animals are never really gone from your life — they’re just on a different plane and are still bonded with you forever in spirit — the love never dies. And when they first pass, they do stay especially close for a number of weeks in order to help you to adjust to their leaving.

The most wonderful thing I’ve discovered when communicating with pets who have passed is the overwhelming and ongoing gratitude they express for the love and caring you gave them. Knowing that this connection can never be broken really helps.


“Ali’s work with my animals has been life-changing” — Anne H.