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How do I know when it’s time for euthanasia?

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How do I take care of my aging pet?

Our animal population is getting older and suffering from many of the same ailments we do, especially arthritis. I’ve...

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Help—my pet is lost!

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What is the biggest mistake people can make with their pets?

As an animal communicator and medical intuitive, I work with a wide variety of pets who are experiencing problems...

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Rethinking Zoos

Posted on: July 6th, 2017 by ali-amato No Comments

The incredible, gorgeous jaguar, my personal favorite of the “big cats.”

Are you one of those people who adores animals but just doesn’t love zoos? That was me, until quite recently.

Zoos have changed an awful lot since we were young — I had no idea how much more humane, advanced, and forward-thinking they are now.

You may have heard the term behavioral enrichment — it’s “a principle that works to enhance the quality of captive animals’ lives by identifying and providing the specific, necessary environmental stimuli for optimal psychological and physiological well-being.” Most Zoos in the US are now focused around enrichment. Zoo habitats have become larger, more natural, and more geared to what is most appropriate to the animal species. Feeding and other activities are structured to create maximum brain activity, and what most will most closely resemble their natural hunting/foraging behaviors. Animals that are engaged in this way live longer, happier, healthier lives. Yes, they are technically “in captivity”, but the barren, sad cages we saw as kids are becoming a thing of the past in all but the poorest countries.

Where I live in Seattle, the Woodland Park Zoo does a phenomenal job of caring for its animals. The habitats are quite spacious and the landscaping is incredibly sensitive and specific. Many of the animals are born/bred at the zoo in an effort to conserve highly-endangered species. I just love visiting; where else can I sit down and communicate with orangutans, elusive big cats from different continents, and bird species I have never before heard of? How else can young children observe wild animals firsthand and learn about respecting animal life, or see biological diversity, conservation and animal care in action — all in one location?

The animals in these zoos serve as “ambassadors” of their species and do convey to me that they understand the important work they do to educate the humans they share the planet with.

I urge you to give a zoo visit a try — you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

The incredible Nicobar pigeon, from Southeast Asia.

My dear friend Albert, who is happy, healthy, and very curious!

The endangered red panda, native to the Himalayas and parts of China.

How To Plan and Care For An Aging Pet

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This old cutie is still enjoying life!

Our animal population is getting older, and suffering from many of the same ailments we do, especially arthritis. I’ve recently worked with several clients to make household adjustments in order to better accommodate their aging pets. Here are some tips for dealing with common problems— including ways you can prepare for their Golden Years in advance:


Scientists Create Music to Soothe Your Cat

Posted on: November 11th, 2016 by ali-amato No Comments

© Marshall Ross/Flickr

“They are a particularly tough audience – picky, moody, often impossible to please – but cats represent an untapped music market, according to one of the world’s biggest record labels.”

If you travel a lot for your job, work outside the home, and/or have a cat who seems anxious or acts out, Universal Music has just released an album created specifically to relax your finicky feline.


Clear clutter in 10 minutes — AND benefit animals in the process!

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rabbit and blanket

Shelter animals always need cuddly bedding for their cages.

As the holidays approach, one of the things I routinely do is gather up my worn-out towels, washcloths, sheets and blankets to donate to my local animal shelter.

Did you know that shelters are usually desperate for clean “bedding” for their animal cages, and are grateful for every spare piece they can get?


Virunga–A truly compelling wildlife documentary

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man with gorilla

Caretaker Andre Bauma with a favorite gorilla

I recently viewed this stunning, Oscar-nominated documentary (available on Netflix), and I can’t say enough good things about it. It feels more like a thriller—it’s extremely suspenseful—yet it is also incredibly moving. (more…)

Case Study: A “Psychic autopsy”

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Karen was referred to me at the end of her beloved Chow’s life. At 13 years of age, Jersey had a long and quite complicated medical history, and he had alternated between good days and bad days, especially after slipping and falling one month prior to his death.

Chow dog Jay

Karen’s beloved dog, Jersey


Spraying: The good, the bad, and the downright frustrating, Part Two

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In my previous post, I talked about some of the reasons that peeing in the house occurs. Once we can get to the bottom of why it’s happening, it’s a matter of implementing the appropriate solutions to the best extent possible. (more…)

Spraying — The good, the bad, and the downright frustrating

Posted on: July 25th, 2013 by ali-amato No Comments
Furtive Cat Behavior

This guy definitely looks like he is up to no good!

One of the most common calls I get is about cats (and occasionally dogs) peeing in the house. Generally, there are 3 main reasons it happens: a urinary infection, a behavioral reason (“acting out”, for whatever cause), or progressive kidney disease. Kidney disease is quite common in older cats — any time past the age of around 12 — and if the cat is senile too, random peeing can be even more frequent. (I’ve personally had to deal with this situation in my own house.) (more…)

The “Queen of Cats” and Her Rescue Efforts

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Lola Cortina is affectionately known around San Miguel de Allende, Mexico as “La Reina de los Gatos” — the The Queen of the Cats. Lola is a bi-lingual psychological counselor and astrologer who has been rescuing homeless kittens and cats for the last eight years. As word has spread, it seems that everyone in town now knows of Lola’s work. She works closely with local veterinarians through her non-profit Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka to arrange medical treatment, and she makes a difference in the lives of countless cats by placing them in loving homes in Mexico and the U.S.

Cat up for adoption at Santuario Felino

“Her casa is their casa.”


Manatees — Up Close and Personal

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During a recent trip to Ft. Pierce in South Florida, I had a chance to spend some time observing and communicating with a family of manatees (“sea cows”).

Florida manatee family (more…)