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FREE Offer of Help For Pets Experiencing the California Wildfires

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My heart is just breaking for the people of California who are experiencing the Camp, Woolsey, and Hill fires. I’m offering my animal communication and healing services FREE of charge to anyone affected by the wildfires: missing, injured or traumatized pets. Please help me spread the word–I want to help as many people and their pets as I can.

What is the biggest mistake people can make with their pets?

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As an animal communicator and medical intuitive, I work with a wide variety of pets who are experiencing problems of one kind or another. Some of the most common issues I routinely encounter are: (more…)

How using a medical intuitive can save you time, stress, and money

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Strange as it might seem to you, medical intuition comes very naturally to me. When I’m working with a pet, I’m able to “go inside” their mind and body, and I then feel and experience things as they do. After 20 years of working with animals, this process  is completely automatic for me. In all of my appointments — even the ones where the client has hired me to solve a behavioral problem, I first do a “body scan” of the pet as a baseline to work from. This often uncovers things that help inform my work with the pet, and it also gives my clients a much better understanding of their animal, both currently and for going forward. We can then decide what to do with this information; most of my appointments end up with us creating a joint “action plan” for next steps.


Help—my pet is lost!

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When your pet goes missing, it’s terribly upsetting. The biggest piece of advice I can give (as discussed in another post) is to not try and wait it out. If you’ve ever seen one of those reality tv shows regarding crime solving (I’m personally fascinated by shows such as The First 48), you know that doing the detective work sooner rather than later gives much better results. Even if the case does go “cold”, I am still able to do my work — but think of how much easier it is on both you and your pet if you start sooner!


What can I do when my pet misbehaves?

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Ah, the torture of naughty pet behavior and not knowing what to do about it!  There is always a reason for acting out, but we often don’t know what that is — so frustrating! Here’s a brief list of possibilities to consider: (more…)

How do I take care of my aging pet?

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Our animal population is getting older and suffering from many of the same ailments we do, especially arthritis. I’ve recently worked with several clients to make household adjustments in order to better accommodate their aging pets. Here are some tips for dealing with common problems— including ways you can prepare for their Golden Years in advance:


How do I know when it’s time for euthanasia?

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Letting go of your beloved pet is the hardest thing an animal lover will ever go through. And what can make it even more agonizing is weighing the decision whether to “help” them in their passing (or not) and the timing of any assistance. Doing it when you think it might be too soon can leave you with lasting guilt over whether you should have waited. But waiting too long can cause your pet unnecessary suffering. Watching them deteriorate day after day is harmful to you too. How do you know what to do? (more…)

An Amazing Product: “Rescue Remedy” for Pets

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This gentle formula can work wonders for stressful situations.

One of the best, all-purpose natural remedies I advise my clients to keep on hand is Rescue Remedy. If you are unfamiliar with it, it is a natural, gentle liquid (made from flower essences and distilled water) that actually has an amazing ability to induce calm in stressed animals. (more…)

Five Quick Tips: A Veterinarian’s Advice for Optimal Pet Health

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Happy, healthy & thriving on an entirely  raw food diet…

I recently asked integrative veterinarian Dr. Larry Siegler for a “short list” of the advice he regularly gives his clients: (more…)

Rethinking Zoos

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The incredible, gorgeous jaguar, my personal favorite of the “big cats.”

Are you one of those people who adores animals but just doesn’t love zoos? That was me, until quite recently.

Zoos have changed an awful lot since we were young — I had no idea how much more humane, advanced, and forward-thinking they are now.

You may have heard the term behavioral enrichment — it’s “a principle that works to enhance the quality of captive animals’ lives by identifying and providing the specific, necessary environmental stimuli for optimal psychological and physiological well-being.” Most Zoos in the US are now focused around enrichment. Zoo habitats have become larger, more natural, and more geared to what is most appropriate to the animal species. Feeding and other activities are structured to create maximum brain activity, and what most will most closely resemble their natural hunting/foraging behaviors. Animals that are engaged in this way live longer, happier, healthier lives. Yes, they are technically “in captivity”, but the barren, sad cages we saw as kids are becoming a thing of the past in all but the poorest countries.

Where I live in Seattle, the Woodland Park Zoo does a phenomenal job of caring for its animals. The habitats are quite spacious and the landscaping is incredibly sensitive and specific. Many of the animals are born/bred at the zoo in an effort to conserve highly-endangered species. I just love visiting; where else can I sit down and communicate with orangutans, elusive big cats from different continents, and bird species I have never before heard of? How else can young children observe wild animals firsthand and learn about respecting animal life, or see biological diversity, conservation and animal care in action — all in one location?

The animals in these zoos serve as “ambassadors” of their species and do convey to me that they understand the important work they do to educate the humans they share the planet with.

I urge you to give a zoo visit a try — you might be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

The incredible Nicobar pigeon, from Southeast Asia.

My dear friend Albert, who is happy, healthy, and very curious!

The endangered red panda, native to the Himalayas and parts of China.