ALI AMATO, animal communicator and medical intuitive


The fastest way to get in touch is to call or text 206.755.8152 to schedule a free one-hour consult*. This consult helps me discover how I might be able to help you, and answers any questions you may have about working together. (Please read the FAQs page before calling — this makes more efficient use of our time.)

How I work

I do not do the actual work with your pet on the phone — I require a quiet and neutral mental place that is free from distractions so that I can go into a deep, focused meditation. I do work off your list of questions and write detailed notes for reporting back to you — this keeps a written record and ensures that no info is forgotten. (I also write down direct quotes from what your pet said, which can be amusing or enlightening — my clients love this!)

Phone calls with you are recorded via a conference line and sent as an mp3 file, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything we discussed in our work together, and you’ll have that to keep for the future should you want to revisit it.

If it’s an emergency situation, I will do whatever I can to get you into the next available slot on my calendar.


Fees vary based on the problems your pet(s) are experiencing, if there are multiple animals you need help with, or if there is an interdependent problem occurring between your pet(s). I provide you with all costs during my discovery session.

I’ll give you the total and you’ll simply click the “Buy Now” button below to go to PayPal; enter the correct amount and pay by debit or credit card. (You do not need a PayPal account to do this.)

*New:  Free offer

I’ve just started a brand-new promotion: a FREE 60-minute discovery session. This is a chance for you to:
• Experience more clarity about the life you want your pet to have
Identify their most pressing problems — areas where you can 
immediately make significant improvements for them
• Discover what is stopping you both from having this ideal life
Identify ideal actions and next steps that will move you both 
towards the happy outcomes you desire
Complete the consultation knowing exactly how to head off 
problems with your pets, now and in the future

To schedule your free, no-obligation discovery session, call 206-755-8152


“The gift that Ali gives to pets and their owners is a connection and peace of mind!… Many people are skeptical because they don’t understand a gift like this.  I will say this, as animal lovers, we all want the very best for our furry family members.  The challenge we face is that we either guess or think we know what they need.  To have someone connect with that animal at a very loving level—different than what we can, will change your animal’s life as well as yours for the better.  My only advice is don’t wait until there’s a crisis.”